Your Yoga Is Toxic.

Did you know most conventional yoga mats contain PVC and phthalates? Toxins that can cause cancer, damage the liver, reproductive system, central nervous and respiratory systems through inhalation and skin contact?? Stop inhaling toxins! 

Breathe Safe, Get a Grip, Ditch the Yoga Towel.
The In-The-Know Are Switching to Cork!

  • Highest quality yoga mat on the market. Guaranteed durability. Cork surface will never chip.
  • Made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced cork and tree rubber. 
  • Non-toxic, free of phthalates, PVC, TPE, foam, adhesives and harsh chemicals. 
  • Unrivaled grip. Earthy and grounding feel. Non-slip cork texture will get even grippier with sweat. No yoga towel needed. Ideal for hot yoga.
  • Self-sanitizing and naturally antimicrobial. Surface stays fresh, free of germs and bacteria. No odor. 
  • Extra long, extra wide: 72” x 24” x 5mm,  6.4 lbs
  • Simply elegant, minimalist no brand look
  • If this isn't the best yoga mat you have ever used, return within 30 days for a refund. 100% Happiness Guarantee!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
In love with this beautiful mat + company!

Biodegradable?! No harmful chemicals?! Oh my goodness! I've been searching for a new quality, eco friendly yoga mat for a while now and I am so thankful I came across BasicallyPerfect. I ordered through the BP website, and was able to get the tracking information. Did have a complication with the delivery through the carrier.. but Mika was extremely understanding and kind. She was honest, communicative, and took action immediately.
The beauty of this yoga mat is like no other, absolutely love the simplicity. As soon as I felt it, I knew I could trust the quality.
If you are looking for a perfect yoga mat, this is it! It's seriously the best yoga mat I have ever practiced on and I actually plan on getting more to be able to have them at all my upcoming retreats.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, Basically Perfect. I am beyond happy with my purchase! :)


Do not typically leave reviews, but felt compelled to with this mat. I've owned many yoga mats throughout the years and this one trumps them all. I practice mysore 6 times a week, there is absolutely no slipperyness what-so-ever, regardless of how sweaty. The earthy smell from the cork is a welcome addition to my practice. I've recommended this mat to many friends and will never go back to a rubber mat again. Looks, smells, and feels great. If you are comparing several mats, do yourself a favor and purchase this one, guaranteed improved practice. Could not be more pleased, perfect.

Better than a Manduka

I've used a Manduka Pro for years - It's pretty much the gold standard when it comes to premium mats, but I sweat, and despite the breaking in with salt I've done to "season" it, it's never given me the grip I feel good about when I'm sweating. This "Basically Perfect" mat does it all. The grip is really good even as you sweat and it's been a game changer not needing a yoga towel on the mat. I also tried bending the mat to see if the cork may come out eventually - that was my only hesitation before purchasing this mat, but you'll see that even if you tried, the cork will just bounce right back into shape so no worries there. I'll bet you you'll start seeing a lot more of these cork yoga mats in your yoga classes. It's really much better than any mat I've tried. Big thumbs up!


This mat looks beautiful in my living room where I have hard wood floors. I can leave it out and it doesn't bother me - sort of blends in with my floor and decor. Love my new mat! This is not a cheap flimsy mat.Very nicely made.

Glad I found this mat!

My search is over. This mat does everything it says it will. Have really been enjoying this mat and I keep telling people about the benefits of cork. I love how well it grips and how fresh and clean it feels against my skin. This mat has a very luxurious feel - it's not cheap compared to some of the flimsy cheap mats out there but it's worth the price. Happy!